The UK Finals of Get in the Ring, one of the world’s most successful pitching competitions, was held on 20 November at the brand new tech venue, CodeNode – Skills Matters, in the heart of the City of London.

As the official closing event of Global Entrepreneurship Week UK, an energetic crowd of entrepreneurs, investors, and start-up enthusiasts watched eight promising startups pitch head-to-head in a boxing ring for the UK title of Get in the Ring – the startup pitching contest that has become a global phenomenon.

At the end of a battle of five rounds the audience participated in a live vote, powered by Glisser, giving the 150-strong crowd of fans a stake in the action. Champions comprising representatives from WhiteSpaceVC, Forward Partners and Business Angel Finance International (BAFI) had the difficult task of grilling the startups with tough questions and selecting the winners.

The Winners:

Choosic is a music discovery app that recommends new and trending music from over 600 music blogs in a Tinder-esque interface.

NearSt makes finding and buying products from nearby local shops easier. Users can search for a product, see where it is stocked in a shop nearby and order it for collection.

Mainframe aims to revolutionize the way we use email by building a messaging experience that focuses on productivity, cross-organizational communication, and email backwards-compatibility.

The winning startups were entitled to prizes that include a range of essential tools and services to help them grow their business. The prizes were made available by, amongst others: Colt Technology Services, Nabarro LLP, and Studio Graphene.

In the interviews after the event the winners said:

Alessia Sannazzaro, co-founder of winning startup Choosic: “I haven’t heard of any other competition in which you only have 30 seconds to answer questions. You have to keep your focus!”

“This time next year we’ll be the obvious answer to ‘where can I find any product near me?’ for people all across London,” said Nick Brackenbury Co Founder of NearSt. “And just a few months after that, for people in other cities across the UK and Europe too.”

“One year from now we’ll be making people more productive and efficient,” said Mick Hagen, founder of winning startup Mainframe. “Business is about trying to create a product that people find valuable, will use, and will hopefully pay for.”

The evening left London’s startup scene hungry for the next round of Get in the Ring. The Western European final will be hosted in London in February 2016 with around 30 startups from 10 different countries all pitching for a place in the global final in Medellin, Colombia on 15 March 2016.

Please contact Denise van Blitterswijk for more information and or if you are interested in getting involved with organizing the Western European final at: +44 7518 996777,